4 tips for Men to Wear a Tank Top

H&M White Black Striped Tank Vest
H&M White Black Striped Tank Vest

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White Tank Top under Black Vest
White Tank Top under Black Vest

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It's not the summer until you can wear that first tank top. It's so nice to walk outside without a coat and actually feel you made the right decision to shed a few layers. Wearing tank tops can help you achieve any look you want from casual to sexy to formal. Plus, you get to show off those gym results. Here are some tips for men to wear tank tops that actually look masculine and attractive.

Thick Straps
Men tank tops always look sexy with a bit more of a thicker strap than women. This look is great because you get something that covers more skin but at the same time, cuts just right to show off that muscle definition. For this type of tank top, men look great wearing it with board shorts. It's a nice look for a casual everyday outfit.

Take care that your underarms are also well groomed. It's a shame to have an outfit that looks so good with an unkempt body.

The Graphic Tank Top
This type of tank top is usually artistic and more inclined to be busy with words or photos. You want to keep the rest of your outfit a bit more neutral. Think solid khaki trousers or solid colored jeans. If your tank top is a bit tight, keep the rest of your outfit more loosely fitted but not baggy. It helps balance out your shape.
Throw on a fedora hat and some sunglasses for that GQ look.

Black Striped Tank Vest Gray Belt White Shorts Gray Shoes

Not too Tight
Men's tank tops should be an in-between fit. Not too loose and not too tight. It's tempting to want to choose the tightest tank top that hugs your body and shows your shoulders, back and arms. Resist the urge to go with a really tight fit. Opt for a more natural look that won't make you uncomfortable or conscious. Plus, it looks great when your clothes fit like they were made for your body!

Tight also means a lot of the things in your body that you don't want highlighted will be more visible. Focus on just displaying one feature of your upper body at the time. You don't want the tightness to take away from the curves on those arms!

Save them for Non-Formal Events
When tank tops were invented, they were well known for being undershirts. Flash-forward to today and you see them everywhere in public. When it's hot, we all can't live without them. But, a tank top has its time and place. It's too casual to be taken into a formal event. Reserve it for the beach, travel or just day-to-day outfit look. You would hate to show up at a golf course looking out of place when everyone else is in dress code.

We all know that clothing don't make the man but first impressions often matter. Even though it may not be true, people will make an assumption about you. Whether you're wearing a tank top or a sweater, make sure you present the best one.

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